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Dragon Model Ships 1/700 German Z38 Destroyer Kit

Dragon Model Ships 1/700 German Z38 Destroyer Kit

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Dragon has earlier offered 1/700 scale kits of the Z31 and Z39 destroyers, and they’re now being joined by their sister Z38. This new kit comes the accurate bridge and aft platform of Z-38. As with Dragon’s earlier destroyers, this kit is produced with the highest levels of engineering and molding excellence. The destroyer can be assembled as a full-hull or waterline-hull kit, while a comprehensive selection of photo-etched parts are available to upgrade the sophisticated plastic components. This is a stunning kit, and when the Z31, Z38 and Z39 trio is alongside, they allow modelers to discern the development process of this important class of Kriegsmarine warship.
- One waterline or one full-hull version can be assembled
- Accurate workboat stowage and captain's boat are included
- Upper hull w/undercut details realistically represented
- Detailed funnels w/photo-etched funnel cap grills
- Intricate bridge rendered w/authentic details
- Photo-etched FuMO 27 radar rendered accurately
- Sumatra radar faithfully replicated
- 3m rangerfinders produced w/finest details
- Square life rafts are realistically produced
- 53.3cm torpedo launcher molded
- Delicate winch and detailed mine rails are accurately replicated
- Realistically detailed slide-molded gun barrels w/hollow ends
- Slide-molded 15cm twin turret
- 12.7cm single-gun turret delicately reproduced
- 3-directional slide-molded twin 15cm gun turret
- Single AA gun w/finest details
- Well-crafted 2cm Naval-vierling
- 3.7cm twin AA gun w/fine details

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