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AFV Club Ships 1/350 USS Gato Class Submarine 1943 Kit

AFV Club Ships 1/350 USS Gato Class Submarine 1943 Kit


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The Gato-class was one of the most successful submarines deployed in World War II, and by war's end, 1,700,000 tons of Japanese shipping was sent to the bottom of the Pacific by Gato class submarines.

  • Kit has 2-piece hull split at the waterline, upper pressure hull, pivoting rudder, detailed diving planes, conning tower with multiple platform levels and open AA gun platform, fine deck fittings and tower railings, 21" torpedoes, 4" forward deck gun, 40mm and 20mm anti-aircraft guns plus display stand with nameplate.
  • Photo-etch parts - propeller guards, main deck railings, antenna and bow plane actuators. Includes painting notes and decals representing hull and sail markings (4 each 0-9 allowing for any boat in the class), jacks and ensigns.
  • Completed model is approximately 10.7" long. 

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