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Atlantis Models 1/240 WWII Gato Class Fleet Submarine (formerly Lindberg) Kit

Atlantis Models 1/240 WWII Gato Class Fleet Submarine (formerly Lindberg) Kit

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  • HOW LONG IS THE SUBMARINE:15.5 inches when assembled
  • WHAT PAINTS DO I NEED:black, brass, light gray, red, silver and white
  • WHAT SKILL LEVEL IS IT:Skill level 2. Ages 14 and up!

The United States Navy Gato class submarine was the forerunner of all US World War II submarine designs. The Gato-class boats were considered to be "Fleet Submarines". They were to scout out ahead of the fleet and report on the enemy fleet's composition, speed, and course, then they were to attack and whittle down the enemy in preparation for the main fleet action.

USS Gato (SS-212) was the lead ship of her class of submarine in the US Navy. She was the first Navy ship named for the Gato, a species of small Catshark. The Gatos and their successors formed the core of the submarine service that was largely responsible for the destruction of the Japanese merchant marine and a large portion of the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II.

The Gato-class could hold a maximum of twenty-four torpedoes which could be launched from ten torpedo tubes. They were also armed with one 3 inch deck gun and a variety of smaller anti-aircraft weapons. Measuring 307 feet by 27 feet by 14 feet, Gato-class submarines had a typical displacement of 1,525 tons. General Motors Diesel engines and electric motors provided 6,500 brake horsepower, resulting in a speed of 21 knots.

Seventy-seven of these boats were commissioned from November 1941 (Drum) through April 1944 (Croaker). Twenty ships of the class were lost during World War II.

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