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Cottage Industry Ships 1/72 CSS David Confederate Torpedo Boat Civil War Kit

Cottage Industry Ships 1/72 CSS David Confederate Torpedo Boat Civil War Kit

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Originally built as a private venture in 1863, this cigar-shaped boat carried a 60-pound explosive charge on the end of a spar, which was projected forward from her bow. She was a Steam-Powered Fast Torpedo Boat, which meant for surface use only, and painted gray to conceal her presence within view of the enemy. her most famous engagement was with the Federal ironclad steam, New Ironsides. On October 5th, 1863, the David's successful encounter with this Union vessel inflicted serious damage. The name "David" was used as a generic term for many Confederate torpedo boats and their existence caused grave concern among Union naval officers, although were never a serious threat to the Northern blockade. The ultimate fate of this infamous vessel is unknown, although it is believed to have fallen into Union hands when Charleston was captured in February 1865. Possibly, the David was among several torpedo boats captured and later sold for iron scrap.

Very simple model kit to build and features a partial interior. This model of the first successful high-speed torpedo boat in history makes a great addition to your collection of ACW naval subjects. Features resin and metal parts. The finished model measures approximately 14" inches long.

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