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Dragon 1/350 German Z39 Destroyer Re-Issue Smart Kit

Dragon 1/350 German Z39 Destroyer Re-Issue Smart Kit

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The Z-39 was a Type 1936A (Mob) destroyer that was commissioned in August 1943 and became operational in January 1944. After working up, she was transferred to Reval on the Gulf of Finland and took part in mining operations in company with Z-25 and Z-35. Later while in route to Baltisch Port in Estonia on June 23, 1944, she came under air attack and was damaged by bombs. Escorted by Z-28 she headed for Swinemunde by way of Libau. Further repairs were planned in Copenhagen, but without sufficient fuel, Z-39 repairs were instead made in Swinemunde and were completed in late March 1945.

Z-39 was back in action escorting transports to Bay of Danzig and providing gun support for the German forces ashore. She was lightly damaged by air attack again while escorting Z-43 to Warrnemunde. In early May she joined the old German Battleship Schlesien in bombarding Soviet units and covering the bridge over Peene River. Z-39 was called upon to tow the Schlesien to safety when that ship struck a mine. They made it all the way to Swinemunde where the old battleship was left grounded in a position where the guns could cover the roads leading into the city. Z-39 resumed bombardment until German forces were forced to withdraw from the area. From the Z-39 along with Z-38, torpedo boat T-33, and tender Jagd escorted five steamers loaded with 35,000 refugees and wounded soldiers. Z-39 made another rescue trip before sailing to Kiel where she was decommissioned on May 10th.

After the war Z-39 was sailed to Plymouth in the UK and on to Boston Navy Yard where she was turned over to the US Navy as a war prize. In September her Anglo-German crew was demobilized and Z-39 was commissioned into the US Navy as DD-939. After extensive study of the German design, Z-39 was turned over to the French Navy in 1947, where she was eventually cannibalized for spare parts. Plans to upgrade her were never acted on and in 1953 she was broken up for scrap.
  • Newly tooled 3-directional slide-molded twin 150mm gun turret
  • Newly tooled 37mm LM42 intricate reproduced
  • Newly tooled mid superstructure with 533mm torpedo launcher
  • Delicate paravane is newly tooled
  • Waterline or full-hull version can be assembled
  • One-piece slide-molded upper hull w/undercut details realistically represented
  • Bilge keels are represented on lower hull by slide-mold technology
  • Realistically detailed slide-molded gun barrels w/hollow ends
  • 150mm twin turret w/2-square life rafts is reproduced
  • 127mm single-1 delicately reproduced
  • Delicate twin Flak 38 LM43
  • 20mm Naval-vierling w/finest details
  • Slide-molded 127mm single-2
  • 3.7 twin anti-aircraft gun w/fine details and photo-etched gunner seat
  • Torpedo boom is accurately recreated
  • 6 realistic 1/350 scale figures. These figures are not CAD designed but are mastered using the same sculptures that are responsible for Dragons well-known figure line. These are provided in realistic lifelike poses and will add a nice touch. You can make our their facial features, and the wrinkles in their clothing.
  • Extra-thin shield walls on superstructure reproduced for accurate 1/350 scale appearance
  • Delicate winch and detailed mine rails are accurately replicated
  • Accurate workboat stowage and captains boat are included
  • 3m rangefinders w/finest details and 4m rangefinders are produced
  • Square life rafts are realistically produced
  • Signal lamp delicately rendered
  • Detailed torpedo locker
  • Delicate funnel on bridge w/accurate detail is intricately reproduced
  • Realistic photo-etched funnel cap grills w/finest details
  • Delicate FuMO 63 radar is accurately presented
  • The mast is intricately reproduced
  • Sumatra radar faithfully replicated
  • uMO 27 radar is accurately presented
  • Delicate vent door area is accurately presented

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