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Cyber-Hobby Ships 1/700 USS Independence LCS2 Littoral Combat Ship Kit

Cyber-Hobby Ships 1/700 USS Independence LCS2 Littoral Combat Ship Kit

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Commissioned on January 16 2010, the Independence (LCS-2) is a brand new class of littoral combat ship for the US Navy. Just a glance at the vessel reveals it is very advanced in concept and design. Based on a trimaran hull, the ship is designed for use as a small assault transport that can be converted easily for other tasks via the use of mission modules. The 127m-long USS Independence can move at sustainable speeds of up to 50 knots, and it is crewed by 40 sailors. The craft’s flight deck can accommodate a pair of SH-60 Seahawk helicopters. Despite only entering US Navy service a few months ago, this modern hi-tech naval vessel is now appearing in kit-set form as part of Dragon’s 1/700 Modern Sea Power Series.
  • Detailed integrated ISR suite delicately represented
  • Hull-side door can be assembled open/closed
  • Hangar is hollow to allow accommodation of helicopter
  • True-to-scale SeaRAM including 11-cell launcher and Phalanx CIWS delicately represented
  •  Hangar door can be assembled open/closed
  • Dimensionally accurate flight deck represented in detail
  • Included photo-etched safely netting surrounds the flight deck
  • Detailed flight deck includes signal lights
  • Realistic Life raft canisters and brackets provided
  • Bow anchor correctly depicted
  • Realistically detailed gun barrel w/hollow muzzle
  • Mk 110 57mm dual purpose gun authentically reproduced
  • One-piece slide-molded superstructure accurately represented
  • One-piece slide-molded lower hull w/both waterline & full-hull versions available
  • Stern doors can be assembled open/closed
  • MH-60S helicopter is conveniently constructed
  • Brand new trimaran hull consisting of main hull and two outrigger hulls
  • Waterline or full-hull version can be assembled
  • Display stand included for display of full-hull version

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