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I Love Kit Ships 1/350 US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS John F. Kennedy CV-67

I Love Kit Ships 1/350 US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS John F. Kennedy CV-67

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Model size     Length: 934.6mm Beam: 241.9 mm  
Total parts     1300+
Metal parts     n/a
Etched parts     2 pcs
Film     n/a
Resin parts     n/a
Box Contents     35 sprues, hull and decks
The USS John F. Kennedy is the No. 4 ship of the US Navy Kitty Hawk class carrier and the last conventionally powered aircraft carrier in the United States. The aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy originally wanted to use nuclear power, and finally used it as a conventional power due to insufficient funds. It is different from other Kitty Hawk aircraft carriers in appearance, and the chimney is inclined outward.

The first mission of the John F. Kennedy was to cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, and the front and rear were up to 7 times to demonstrate to the Soviet Union. In November 1975, in the Mediterranean, John F. Kennedy collided with the cruiser Becana, causing some damage. And in 1976 it hit the destroyer Bodrum again.

In the 1991 Gulf War, the John F. Kennedy stationed in the Red Sea and sent a plane to bomb Iraq. After the Gulf War, John F. Kennedy entered the Persian Gulf and sent a fighter to implement a no-fly zone in southern Iraq.

On March 22, 2007, the John F. Kennedy was retired from Mayport, Florida, and has now been sealed in a warship storage site in Philadelphia.

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