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Very Fire 1/350 IJN Taiho Aircraft Carrier Standard Kit

Very Fire 1/350 IJN Taiho Aircraft Carrier Standard Kit

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 The Taihō (meaning Great Phoenix), was an aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. Possessing heavy belt armor and featuring an armored flight deck, a first for any Japanese aircraft carrier, she represented a major departure from prior Japanese aircraft carrier design and was expected to not only survive multiple bombs, torpedo, or shell hits but also continue fighting effectively afterward. 

Built by Kawasaki at Kobe, she was laid down on 10 July 1941, launched almost two years later on 7 April 1943, and finally commissioned on 7 March 1944. She sank on 19 June 1944 during the Battle of the Philippine Sea due to explosions resulting from design flaws and poor damage control after suffering a single torpedo hit from the American submarine USS Albacore.

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